Roofing Company in Harrison Township, MI

One of many Michigan lakeside communities, Harrison Township is home to about 25,000 residents. The area’s natural beauty attracts residents who enjoy the scenery and peaceful setting. Known locally as “Boat Town,” the township includes hundreds of beautiful homes built on the lake. However, the region’s weather can be extreme and tough on building materials, especially roofs. With that in mind, many citizens rely on Four Seasons Kanga Roof to keep home roofs sound and beautiful. 

Roofs play such an important role in protecting you and your family, and to do their job properly, they need care. Four Seasons Kanga Roof is your local roofing company in Harrison Township, MI, that is highly qualified to look after every aspect of your residential and commercial roofing needs. Whether you require repairs, installation, replacement, or maintenance, you can rely on us.


Your Local Roofing Company

At Four Seasons Kanga Roof, we hire only the highest quality and expert roofers. We want to ensure that you and your home get the quality of roofing services that you can depend on no matter how large or small they may be. We’re experts when it comes to a variety of roofing services ranging from inspections to installations and repairs.

Residential Roofing Company in Harrison Township, MI

We are your residential roofing company in Harrison Township, MI, offering a full range of roofing services. We are the number one choice for all of your roofing needs with licensed roofers committed to total customer satisfaction. See a review from a happy customer below:

Roof Repairs

Every roof requires repairs, especially after severe weather or storms. Even a small amount of water from a misplaced shingle can cause water damage to your property. Schedule your repair with us to avoid further damage. 

The most common types of roof damage in Harrison Township, MI, are:

  • Damaged flashing
  • Broken or misplaced shingles
  • Freeze damage
  • Tree or branch damage
  • Pooling or stagnant water
  • Missing granules
  • Roof leaks

It is not always possible to identify damage to your roof from the ground, so call a local roofing company near Harrison Township, MI, and have their contractors inspect your roof and repair any damage.

Roof Replacement

Our roofing specialists can replace any type of roof that you need. The most common roofing material in Harrison Township, MI, is asphalt shingles because they are cost-effective and well-balanced. They come in a wide range of colors and textures and have the bonus of being a great insulator and energy-efficient.

Metal roofs are popular because they are tough, durable, and long-lasting. Most metal roofs come with a warranty of up to 50 years. 

Clay tiles are more expensive than asphalt shingles, but they are more wind and moisture resistant. Slate shingles are made from shale, which is highly durable and long-lasting. 

Regardless of the type of roof replacement or roof installation you need, we are the roofing company in Harrison Township, MI, to do the job right. Our contractors are experienced in working with all residential roofing materials and styles and will provide you with a superior roof replacement.

Roof Maintenance

Roof maintenance is the best way to extend your roof’s life and keep on top of any repairs. We will provide a thorough inspection of your roof, conduct any necessary repairs, remove any debris or mold, and clean the gutters.

Schedule your yearly roof maintenance with a contractor at your local Harrison Township roofing company.

Roof Inspection

The purpose of a roof inspection is to identify any problems with the roof. As part of the inspection, the contractor will:

  • Check for leaks
  • Inspect the attic for ventilation 
  • Check how many roof layers you have
  • Check the decking 
  • Examine the roof’s vents
  • Inspect the shingles or roofing material
  • Check the flashing and gutters
  • Inspect the chimney

The roof inspection is important for ensuring your roof is strong enough to keep your home safe from the elements. 

Schedule your roof inspection with a roofing company in Harrison Township, MI, once a year and after any severe weather. 

Roof Insulation

To keep you and your family comfortable in the weather extremes in Harrison Township, MI, we install radiant barrier insulation, which reflects sunlight rather than absorbing it. 

Our contractors will install this insulation on your home’s attic ceiling, which will increase your home’s energy efficiency, lower your electricity costs, and keep unwanted summer heat out of your home. Call us today for a quote and more information.


From beginning to end, the residential roofers of Four Seasons Kanga Roof work with the homeowner every step of the way. 

Commercial Roofing Company in Harrison Township, MI

We have been in business for well over a decade, and our contractors are seasoned and experienced commercial roofers. Commercial roofs are a highly specialized type of roof that comes with particular problems, and they require the expertise that few roofing companies have. 

Four Seasons Kanga Roof is a roofing company near you with years of experience in commercial roofing services.

We provide superior commercial roof repairs, flat roof repairs, metal roof repairs, commercial roof replacement, maintenance, and inspection. Call us today for your commercial roofing needs.

Commercial Roof Repairs

Commercial roofs have the same purpose as residential roofs — to provide protection from the elements. However, as a general rule, commercial roofs are far bigger than residential, and they function differently.

Our experienced commercial roofing contractors can conduct repairs on any type or size of commercial roof. If you’re unsure as to whether you need a roof repair, take special notice of:

  • Water pooling
  • Blisters and bubbles on the roof surface
  • Seepage
  • Roof drainage issues
  • Damaged roof flashing

When you need a fast and thorough commercial roof repair, call the team at Four Seasons Kanga Roof.  

Flat Roof Repair

A professionally installed flat roof will last for 15-20 years, but it will need repairs. Flat roofs require contractors knowledgeable in the specific problems that flat roofs can develop. We are the commercial roofing company near you with years of experience in flat roof repairs. 

Metal Roof Repair

We also specialize in metal roofing. Metal roofs are known for their longevity, durability, and strength. Some of the more common problems metal roofs will experience are:

  • Punctures
  • Shrinking
  • Damage to flashing and pitch pans

Our roofers will provide you with skillful metal roof repair so that you don’t have to give it a second thought.

Commercial Roof Replacement

An incorrectly installed commercial roof or one constructed of poor materials is more common than you may think. Different businesses require different types of roofs to meet the requirements of their industry. 

We have been installing and replacing commercial roofs for many years, and we can advise you on the correct roof style and material. If you have to constantly repair your roof, or it’s inadequate for your business, we are the professionals to call for a commercial roof replacement. 

Commercial Roof Maintenance

One of the most common commercial roof problems is lack of maintenance. Roofs are often ignored until there’s a problem, but biannual maintenance can ensure that your roof is being cared for. 

Regular commercial roof maintenance includes a thorough inspection of your roof, clean-up, debris removal, and any necessary repairs.

Commercial Roof Inspection

Commercial roof inspections are assessments that report the roof’s condition, check that it is up to code and in good condition, and see if any areas need repairing. Water leaks can be identified and repaired before they become a problem. 

We check every part of the roof structure, including any accessories that could affect the integrity of your commercial roof.


Our roof maintenance plans and programs are an excellent way to ensure that regular inspections and maintenance tasks are completed on schedule. These plans and programs can be customized to fit the specific needs of a building, with options for annual, bi-annual, or quarterly inspections, depending on the age and condition of the roof.

Gutters and Siding Services in Harrison Township, MI

We provide the best roofing services in Harrison Township, MI, as well as gutter and siding repairs and installation. We are your one-stop shop to protect you and your family from the elements.

Gutter Installation

We are the company to call if you need new or replacement gutters installed. Our licensed contractors will supply your property with a superior guttering system to protect your property from water damage.

Gutter Repair

As gutters age, they can rust, and in severe weather conditions, they can become damaged. We provide you with gutter repairs that will allow the water to flow as it should and protect your property from leaks or flooding. 

Siding Installation

While siding comes in various colors that can transform your home while offering it protection, it can fade and wear down over time. Our roofing specialists can replace existing siding that is damaged or unsightly or perform a new siding installation. 

Siding Repair

Any damage to your siding could put your home at risk of water damage. Call one of our professional contractors at the first sign of damaged siding, including tears and splits.

A Premier Siding Contractor in Harrison Township, MI

Incorrectly installed siding puts your home at risk of water leaks and weather damage. We offer professionally installed siding at affordable rates. Call one of our siding contractors today to discuss how siding installation can improve the value and protection of your property.

The Top Roofing Company in Harrison Township, MI

Your roof is way too important to trust just anyone. Four Seasons Kanga Roof is the leader in residential and commercial roofing services in Harrison Township, MI. There is nothing we don’t know about roofing, and your satisfaction is our priority. Contact us to schedule a roof inspection today.