Roof Replacement in Macomb, MI

Some residential roofs last 20 years, while others can last over five decades protecting your home. However, all roofs meet the end of their lifespan at some point, with years of wear leading to the need for a roof replacement. When you require roof replacement near Macomb Township for your home, Four Seasons Kanga Roof will show up on time and complete your roof replacement safely and efficiently, so you can soon return to your daily routines.

Are you looking for a reliable roof replacement in Macomb, MI? The skilled roofers at Four Seasons Kanga Roof are ready to safely complete your next roofing project. Whether you require simple repairs or a full roof replacement, we have the tools and experience to get the job done right! Call us to book your services, at (586) 566-0308.


Your Local Roofing Company

At Four Seasons Kanga Roof, we hire only the highest quality and expert roofers. We want to ensure that you and your home get the quality of roofing services that you can depend on no matter how large or small they may be. We’re experts when it comes to a variety of roofing services ranging from inspections to installations and repairs.

How Much Should a Replacement Roof Cost?

High energy bills are a major indicator of home improvement issues. When your roof fails to seal air from sneaking in, it quickly leads to temperature spikes. In the winter, this means your home HVAC system will need to work harder to keep your space warm. Reversely, summer weather will cause your air conditioner to struggle to cool your home. Apparent roof leaks, clogged components, or soft and sunken sections also indicate the need for roof repair services.

The average cost of a new roof in Michigan is between $8,000 and $20,000. However, some roofs can range as high as $45,000. The truth is, roof replacement cost varies and largely depends on the material your roof is constructed from. For example, shingle-based roofs are often the most affordable option for homeowners, while long-lasting slate roofs trade affordable costs for added curb appeal and heavy-duty materials with increased lifespans.

Residential Roof Replacement Services in Macomb, MI

Our services for residential roof replacement in Macomb, MI will first rule out the possibility of roof repair. Once we establish that a roof replacement is the best solution, we offer shingle roof replacement, gutter replacement, solar panel replacement, flashing replacement, and chimney cap and vent replacement services. We can also help you with new roof construction.

Roof Repair

Before setting up a roof replacement appointment, we will address your home’s exterior issues and determine if roof repair services would be more suitable. So, when do roof issues go from repairs to a full roof replacement? If your roof doesn’t respond to minor repairs, roof repair costs outweigh potential replacement costs, or roof repairs are too extensive, a roof replacement in Macomb becomes the more suitable solution for your home’s outdoor protection.

Shingle Roof Replacement

Our shingle roof replacement services help homeowners remove their existing shingles, complete any repairs on their roofs, prep their roofs for placement, and install new shingles. You may need shingle replacement services if your shingles are curled, cracked, or corroded. Our trained technicians can help you determine if your roof requires new shingles.

Gutter Replacement

Gutter replacement services typically occur after your new or replacement roof is installed. We can help you determine if you should replace your gutters or if your existing materials are suitable for your replacement roof. While roof replacement services may take a few days to complete, gutter replacement is frequently done in a day.

Solar Panel Replacement

Solar panel replacement typically takes place around 25 to 30 years after its initial installation. While solar panels require minimal maintenance, improper installations regularly lead to early solar panel replacement. We will make sure your installations are handled correctly, so they maintain efficiency and performance as long as possible.

Flashing Replacement

It is useful to undergo a flashing replacement during your roof replacement service. Roof flashing is used to add protection against flooding. Because of this, issues in your flashing and roof leaks typically go hand in hand. Our expert roofers can complete thorough leak detection services to help you find any flashing issues and replace it when necessary.

Chimney Cap and Vent Replacement

Chimney caps protect the top of your chimney, while vents provide airflow in your chimney, cutting down on locked-in moisture and mold growth. Our chimney cap and vent replacement services will ensure your chimney products are clean and productive.

New Roof Installation

In addition to roof replacement services, we can also complete new roof installation services for your home construction. Our skilled roofers can help you choose the best long-lasting roof that supports ideal weatherproofing and satisfies your personal home style. 


From beginning to end, the residential roofers of Four Seasons Kanga Roof work with the homeowner every step of the way. 

Four Seasons Kanga Roof Are the Best Roofers For Your Roof Replacement in Macomb, MI

Four Seasons Kanga Roof has been serving the Macomb, MI area with reliable roofing services for over 15 years. We understand that your roofing system is responsible for protecting your home, and more importantly, your family. You don’t deserve a roof that just gets by. Instead, our roofing experts will provide you with the best roofing products and services around. 

Are you searching for a reliable roof replacement in Macomb, MI? Four Seasons Kanga Roof offers dependable services for roof replacement near you. Our attention to detail and customer satisfaction sets us apart from the other roofing companies in town! Don’t hesitate to call us today to book your next roofing appointment, at (586) 566-0308.