Avoiding the Most Challenging Problems with Residential Roofing in Clinton Township

July 29, 2020

Avoiding the Most Challenging Problems with Residential Roofing in Clinton Township

Repairing or installing roofing requires specialized skills and experience. This is true of commercial or residential roofing in Clinton Township and both develop some very challenging issues that require expert intervention. While it is common knowledge that a leaky roof is one of the most frequent issues to arise, there are many other problems that can occur, as well.

For those with problems with their roofing in Clinton Township or residential roofing in Sterling Heights, there are some standard problems that will develop and it is helpful to know about them in advance and, perhaps, prevent them.

The Top 10 Problems for Residential Roofing in Clinton Township

Before considering the top ten problems, it is essential to note that only an expert should be consulted about an issue with roofing in Clinton Township.  Making repairs is difficult, but also quite dangerous and best if done by the experts.


The most common reason for a homeowner to contact a roofing expert is a leak in the ceiling. This means there is a leak in the roofing in a Clinton Township property and it could be caused by any number of factors. From flashing that has lifted, cracked or degraded to missing shingles or tiles, it is not at all unique or rare for residential roofing in Sterling Heights and residential roofing in Clinton Township to leak.

An expert would explain that the leaks may actually travel and the ceiling area may not be where the leak has occurred. An expert in roofing in Clinton Township would inspect the chimney, the gutter areas, the framing around the gutters, skylights, areas around vents and pipes, valleys and low spots, and anywhere shingles are missing or damaged. The inspection may also include the interior where water may have also damaged walls as well as ceiling materials and caused structural concerns.


Foot traffic is not meant to occur on residential roofing in Sterling Heights, nor residential roofing in Clinton Township, but it does happen. From the holiday lights being installed to the homeowner taking a peek at the roof, it is entirely possible that a roof becomes damaged by foot traffic. Also, local wildlife may make holes and punctures through various methods. The woodpecker testing the wood of the molding, the racoon curious about the tiny opening around a vent, or any number of other creatures can cause a problem that leaves punctures and holes in the roofing in Clinton Township.

Standing Water

Not many properties with residential roofing in Sterling Heights or residential roofing in Clinton Township are designed with flat roofs. However, this variety does exist and it is not unusual for water to begin to pool or stand on the roofing. Whether it is caused by inadequate sloping during installation or warping of materials that allow water to pool, it can cause leaks and problems like rotting and shrinkage that will eventually worsen.

Blistering or Cracking

It is also quite common for some types of roofing Clinton in Township to develop ridges, blisters, and cracks. The most common type of roofing to experience such an issue is BUR or built-up roofing that uses an array of layers over a flat surface. These materials are quite susceptible to cracking and blistering, and it takes regular inspection by an expert in residential roofing to identify problems before they worsen.


Roofing material is meant to cure or age, but it should never shrink. When it does, it can cause the blistering or cracking mentioned above, as well as lead to deterioration of the roofing materials in general. It can cause roofing materials to separate and can lead to many kinds of damage.

Ice Damage

The wind and weather can play a role in the lifespan of any roofing in Clinton Township, but especially residential roofing. When years of ice and snow buildup go untreated or unprevented, it will eventually lead to trouble. The most common occurrence is for ice dams to form on the lip of the roofing materials and to then push up into and against the edging and flashing. It will lift shingles and create gaps for water and ice to develop. This causes serious damage and leads to a need for professionals to repair the residential roofing in Sterling Heights and Clinton Township.

Tree Damage

It is not only a falling tree that can damage a roof. Though a tree is likely to crush, puncture, scrape, and otherwise damage the roof and roofing materials, a tree just brushing against the roofing can lead to trouble. Branches that constantly come into contact with the roof can wear down the shingles and cause mold and mildew to form. This is why experts will always advise trimming away branches to prevent them from brushing against the roofing materials.

Gutter Issues

Clogged gutters can be quite damaging to a residential roof by allowing water to back up and spill into the eaves. This leads to rot and decay and will eventually cause major problems with the roofing and the building.

No Maintenance

All roofing has an anticipated lifespan and it can be shortened or lengthened by the quality of maintenance. Failing to maintain roofing means a shorter lifespan, and ensuring it gets regular maintenance can lengthen that lifespan. Maintenance includes visual inspections along with annual steps that guarantee the overall health of a roof. Experts providing such inspections and care guarantee that any problems with the roofing are detected and addressed immediately.

As noted, it is the expert roofing professional that is the best resource for annual maintenance as they will know all of the specific issues that might affect each roof.

Flawed Installation

It is imperative for any property owner to work with the best in roofing installers and specialists. Those who seek to save money by hiring the “cheapest” installer are likely to see far more expense over the years on repairs and replacement.

No matter what problem a roof is facing, there are experts available to provide premium residential repair and installation.

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